Spring 2009

Garlic coming up strong.

We started planting potatoes April 26th and finished May 7. Today is May 18th and they are starting to show! Go to the Farmer’s Markets page for our market schedule. This year we have 18 varieties.


Twique (the dog) and a chicken on guard over newly hatched chicks.


The celeriac is started! This is going to be a banner year. I have promised Chefs Quang AND Scott.

Jennie and Maggie keep the bees company on a nice warm winter day.


This little owl has become part of the family and spends hours around the wood pile waiting for mice.

In case anyone was wondering what we get up to all winter…

Everytime it snows we shovel the snow away from four greenhouses before it gets too heavy and threatens to crush the structures. Here is Jeanette hard at work. It has snowed a lot lately.

The field on the left is next year’s potato field, planted in fall rye. The field on the right is this year's (2008) potato field, planted back to forage (clover and grasses).

2007 potato field with a good cover crop showing the mulch from regular mowing.

The small greenhouse has some lettuce planted which will be ready in February

The garlic was planted at the end of October.

Doug, Jennie and Anna on the tractor.