September 2010

The summer season has come to a close with a heck of a lot of rain. We are at both the East Van and Kits markets on Sat and Sun in Vancouver, as well as Squamish on Sat and Whistler on Sun. The Vancouver markets will be going until the end of October. Not sure about the other two.

All the potatoes are in, and we are awaiting the first frost.

We are thankful to all our customers who make the trip, rain and shine, to the markets.

Some random shots from the summer:

One day Twique, the dog visible in this pic, made her way over to the other side of the road where we were digging. Very unusual for her to leave the farm yard. Still not sure why she did that, but she sure enjoyed spending the day in the tractor while we were digging.

This is the view of the harvester from the cab of the tractor.

This is a view of the mangled bunker feeder which got caught on the side of the bunker without us/me noticing and self destructed as a result. Jennie and Anna were able to take it all apart and take the worst mangled metal to John Tschopp's machine shop. We had it back up and running in 24 hours. This event picked up nominatioins for "worst breakdown on the farm 2010", "most mangled metal 2010" and also "biggest thing you don't want to tell dad about Lifetime Achievement Award".

Market update:

We will be at Squamish this Saturday July 17, and hopefully Whistler July 18. We will begin to harvest in earnest next week and attend the East Van market July 24 and Kits July 25. Potatoes have been slow to grow but are catching up now with all the heat.

 Last day of June entry

Here are the first potatoes picked this year. They are a little small just now. We consider this a "promising" sign of things to come. As it stands, our first East Van market will be July 17th.