Seed Potatoes

Seed Potato Sales Closed


Store will re-open in the late fall for 2025 planting

We'll be planting the following varieties: Sieglinde, Yukon Gold,  Warba, Red Chieftain,  Red LaSoda, La Ratte Fingerling, Red French Fingerling,  White Rose, Huckleberry Gold, Gemstar Russet, Kennebec, Pontiac, Constance and Merida.

This link will go to our on-line store once it is live!


Seed Potato Shipping Details
  • Choose PICKUP at checkout and then select the option that suites you.
  • No charge deliveries/meet-ups are available in some regions- Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island, Sunshine Coast, Fraser Valley and Okanagan/Interior. Choose PICKUP in the drop-down under logistics at checkout to select a region. We’ll get the details sorted out in February. A Kootenay run is possible if enough orders come in.
  • I’ll be meeting up and dropping off along the Island Hwy from the Victoria to Courntey/Comox, plus a run out to Metchosin and another to Salt Spring Island.
  • The Okanagan route includes Lillooet, Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton, Keremeos, Princeton, Eastern Fraser Valley and points between!
  • Fraser Valley route includes the western portion from Sumas to the Port Mann Bridge incl. White Rock.
  • Sunshine Coast route is the whole coast
  • Salt Spring Island Customers: the system uses Google maps and will recognize the following towns- Fernwood, Veusvius, Long Harbour, Beaver Point, Fulford Harbour, and Musgrave Landing. If you are having trouble, please choose PICKUP and enter your proper address in the “notes” section. We will make the changes at our end. We plan to be delivering your order to the Island mid March. Those specific details are to follow.
  • choose OTHER if  you don’t see something you like and we’ll sort something out.
  • To receive your seed via Canada Post, please choose PICKUP at checkout and select Canada Post. Please make sure your shipping address is entered completely. We’ll bill you for shipping before we ship- usually in April. Feel free to organize a different carrier. We can load pallets on the farm and there is good turn around for all but the very biggest trucks and we can bring pallets to the road for those beasts.
                                      20lb box dimensions are (inches): 15.5 x 7 x 10
                                      50lb box dimensions are: 20 x 13 x 9. 5
Bottom line: If nothing is working and you can’t get to checkout, email and we’ll fix it up on our end.
We’ll be able to have lots of communication during the lead-up to deliveries/meet-ups and shipping/pick-ups.

It’s very easy for us (and we’ll do it!) to refund your money if you change your mind about anything.


The following varieties are available as fresh eating potatoes, or as seed. Not all are available as both! See the online store (click here for seed, click here for eating) for current availability.


The world’s ugliest and tastiest fry potato. They can really get big. Nice mashed too, but you’ll definitely want to peel them.

La Ratte Fingerling

A yellow banana-type fingerling. Very prolific producers. Plants have beautiful pink flowers and are so lush they could be used for hedging. Very firm, dense, nutty flesh.

White Rose

White skin, white flesh, oblong nobbly shape Heritage variety. One of the first varieties grown on the Helmer farm. Firm white flesh with an earthy flavour. Very well suited to oven roasting.

Red Pontiac

Red skin, white flesh, round shape A lovely traditional red. The all- arounder. Produces nice, early nuggets


Yellow skin, rich yellow flesh, smooth and oblong Sometimes called German Butter. So tasty. Buttery. Boiled and pan-fried or roasted, used in a salad or even a soup.

Yukon Gold

Yellow skin, pink eyes, yellow flesh, round shape The classic Canadian yellow. The number one pick for smooth and creamy mashed potatoes. Excellent roasted and makes an excellent warm potato salad too.


Yellow skin, yellow flesh, round shape Just wonderful in soups and strews. Does well on the BBQ and roasted too.

Gemstar Russet

Brown russeted skin, white flesh, plump oblong shape Fluffy, white mash, tasty skins, and the perfect bakers. Pop the smaller ones right into the oven -don’t forget to prick the skins with a fork.

French Fingerling

Pinky-red skin, yellow flesh often (but not always) with red flecks, smooth long oval shape. They just excel at roasting. Crispy edges and smooth, creamy flesh.

Huckleberry Gold

Our new variety. Purple skin, yellow flesh. Delicious and prolific producers!
  Tips and tricks!
  • Store potatoes in a cool, dark place until planting time, when the soil has warmed up to around 12°C
  • they might sprout, turn green, wrinkle, and soften before you are ready to plant. This is to be expected and they will grow.
  • prepare the bed by shoveling to create nice loose soil. They will grow in just about anything though, as long as the seed piece is completely covered either by dirt or sod.
  • plant in rows that are 2-3’ apart which gives plenty of room for hilling through the growing season
  • plant in a shallow trench, sow seed at 6” to 12” or more, and cover with soil, making a low hill
  • begin hilling as soon as the first sprouts break the ground. Keep pulling the soil up around the plants as they grow
  • potatoes like the soil to be moist but not soaking.
  • they like lots of organic matter but not to be over fertilized. We use NO fertilizers or amendments on our fields, relying instead on cover crops and long rotations.