Potato Nutrition

Potatoes (with the skin on) contain fiber, protein, more Potassium than bananas, complex carbohydrates (the good ones), Vitamin C, important B Vitamins, and other minerals (Copper, Magnesium, Iron). They can be a healthy meal all on their own!

tomatoes, sunflowers and a handfull of fingerlings...



Anna and the crew harvesting potatoes. adhd. I suffer from panic xanaxrxtop.com attacks for about two years, and agoraphobia was added half a year ago. The Grimme harvester is made by a small German company that specializes in manufacturing equipment for small growers like us. mens health. This machine replaced Great-Grandfather Green's machine that dug up the spuds and left them on the ground for us to pick-up on our hands and knees.


Garlic hanging in the barn to finish curing.