October 6, 2011

Fall has arrived. Lots of rain lately. More mud. Luckily, most of our tractor work is finished, although we still need to get the garlic patch sorted out. Can't decide where to put it this year...

2011 potato field on the right. 2012 on the left. Both seeded to fall rye. 2011 field (now to be called the 2016 field), will be worked up and re-seeded with the regular cover crop in spring 2012.

Carrot washing operation. Plastic bag allows this two be a one person job and worker can switch out bins without turning off any equipment. Keep everything moving- important rule when trying to get lots of work done.

We want to thank the following people for helping us put on a fabulous show for Slow Food Cycle Sunday (over 4,000 bike riders!):

Kathy Wallace

Hazel Birchall

April Lachals

Jess Heiberg

Steph and Mark Owen

Tina Fineza

Annette Rawlinson

Grant Cousar

...and thanks to all our Vancouver customers who made the trek.

Check out dbsteers on Flikr for lots of great pictures.

We will be at our regular markets starting this weekend.

Come visit the farm Sunday August 21st for Slow Food Cycle Sunday. We are located about 1/2 way up the Pemberton Meadows Road. We would love to see you there and show you the tractors, equipment, fields, and potaoes.

Join Evelyn Coggins, registered clinical herbalist, on a walk through Jeanette Helmer’s organic herb garden. Tours begin at 9:30, 11:30 and 2pm.

Enjoy Lucia Gelato, Nidhi Raina Indian Cuisine, Raw Planet Foods.

Art by Anete Jeffe.

The potato flower.

The harvester is finally in the field. The darker plants are the Norland, which will be at markets first. To the left are the Sieglinde and to the right, Bintje.

Mom asking Anna's advice about something. Anna advertising the upcoming Slow Food Cycle Sunday. Which will be held August 21st. Go to www.slowfoodcyclesunday.com for more information.

Planting time. All the spuds are in the ground. Countdown to markets is on!

Farmer Doug. In the background is the Tissue Culture planted from the lab plants.

Hoeing the tissue culture. Too delicate for mechanized work. The potato plants, that is, not me.

Several acres of potato field, looking very romantic in the morning mist.

Andrew working on the cow barn. On the newly cut cedar tree, the bark practically fell off. Andrew really had to work at the older, dead one.

Behold, the chicken, about to cross the garden hose..

These two pics were taken in early May.

Angus and Maggie carefully planting something.

Clear and cold with a very hard snow-pack. I have been hauling firewood out of the bush with this sleigh built on an old pair of skis. I think I am trying to off-set the pending tractor work. Luckily, we have a bit of time on our side. Looks like it might be a late spring, with another foot coming down this very day.

 Sorry about this terrible picture quality. I had to act quickly or one of them would have moved. Yes, these are all the dogs and cats sleeping beside the fire. It was cold outside.

Andrew (father to Angus and Maggie, husband to Lisa, intrepid woodsman) displays his natural talents....

Bella and Mae love to eat eat eat...