October 2009

Well another summer is done and dusted. And dusty it was. And smoky too. 1, 600 hectares of wildfire within sight of the farm was a little distracting. No significant rain from very early summer until late August and then very little (enough to douse the fires, thankfully). High temperatures. Everything that got water grew really well.

The potato crop is all in now. We had an irrigation system on 1/2 the crop this year (for the first time ever).  A good year to start.

upper roothouse now full

chickens "helping" to dig the base of a new compost pile

The fall project: rebuilding Grandpa's barn, which had sunk two feet over the last 40 years and become downright dangerous. Roger Harris is doing it and we are helping. He is also going to expand it so that we can fit more equipment in there.

Somebody is going to be peeling all those logs for the barn...

Earlier in the summer....

Jennie the bee lady.


Collecting Dandelions for a Biodynamic preparation