March 2010

Welcome to the farm, cows with curly hair.

Mom and Uncle Duncan, the famous ex cattle rancher and current organic orchardist.

The fuel line failed and got replaced. An adventure in learning.

We are spending some hours in the lab cutting plantlets. We will end up with 150 plants of each of our varieties which we will then plan in the field, harvest, plant again next year, repeat, and then bring to market. We do this for 8 of the varieties we grow; the others are grown for us by other seed growers in Pemberton.

Here is our spring newsletter!

March can be a bit of a messy month on the farm. The hole is filling with water as the water table is just about at the surface just here.

Maggie discussing RPM's with Anna

This is a picture of Jennie working on the biodynamic preparation 501 (from last fall).