June 2010

A windy and rather wet start to the summer up here in Pemberton. Potatoes don’t mind, but I think the corn might get a little behind...

We look to be on track for potatoes mid-July, and look forward to joining fellow Pemberton farms Rootdown and IceCap at the Vancouver markets. It's a good looking field. We have spent lots of time cultivating with various implements and the weeds are not competing well against the potatoes.

We hosted the UBC Farm Apprentice Progam students recently. Great prgram. Good luck all you future farmers.

Pemberton market starts this Wed June 30 outside the Pemberton Supermarket.

And this is exciting...we are on Facebook: Helmer Farm. And even more exciting...we are on Twitter helmerfarm.

My two favorite vehicles.

Here is a little potato. This was taken at the beginning of the month. Much bigger now. Flowers possibly in the next 2 weeks, depending on the variety.

Jeanette and Anna did a bike trip up over the Hurley Pass, over Mission Mountain, and along the Highline Road back to Darcy, and then to Pemberton. 3 nights, 4 days of fairy epic cycling- very little traffic, wonderful wildflowers, good company, and ridiculous hill climbs on ungraded dirt roads.