2014 season underway and even almost over!

It’s been a hot one, folks. Great for the potatoes and carrots, as we watered them carefully. Not great for the farmers, most of whom have been consistently overheated for pretty much the last 4 months. Certainly, the blog updating melted away. Cooler nights are here, however, and even the first frost which has sparked a little action at the keyboard!

Squamish-Lillooet C-20140827-01593

Here's a picture of our lunch. We have the same thing every day. Rise Bakery potato bread (available at the Vancouver markets), toasted with mayo, topped with cheese du jour, tomatoes and cucumbers grown especially for this purpose. On the side, work gloves and extra cukes. And coffee, and a nice big cookie from Simply Delicious. We take turns making the sandwiches: one of us is the fastest, one is only chosen occasionally, and one is the best.

This market season, we've been taking our bikes to Vancouver to check out the famous bike routes. We use them to ride to restaurants/retailers that buy our potatoes at market. Whole Foods Cambie, Burdock and Co., The Fish Counter, Merchant's Oyster Bar on Commercial, Farmer's Apprentice, The Pear Tree, Urban Digs...totally awesome.

We are deep into the seed potato harvest now. Contact us anytime at helmer@direct.ca to place your order. The on-line ordering will be up Nov.1 with shipments and pick-ups commencing in Feb/Mar 2015. We'll have the following varieties available:

French Fingerling, La Ratte Fingerling, Irish Cobbler, All Red, Bintje, Sieglinde, Ulla and Desiree.