Seed Potatoes

2018 seed crop reaching maturity. Tops are coming off soon.

Yukon Gold

Another very tasty yellow. Not the usual big starchy tubers. Your customers will be astonished by the flavour and versatility of this old-fashioned favorite.


Also known as German Butter, these are the tastiest potatoes on the farm. Rich, yellow flesh. Store well. We plant in early May and harvest starting at the end of July.

La Ratte

A favourite of French chefs, this premium fingerling originated from Denmark in the late 19th century and is ideal for roasting and boiling. It is quite lovely with long, narrow tubers of a rich golden brown with yellow flesh. They are on the waxy side with unique nutty flavour and smooth, buttery texture.

French Fingerling

These gourmet red fingerlings are an epicurean dream come true. They are truly versatile and superb regardless of preparation method. Medium to large pink- skinned tubers have creamy yellow flesh with just a touch of pink. Produces prolific, look good quality, medium-sized potatoes, which are a great addition to any plate.